Card not present transactions are ones in which there is not an ability to present the card. If someone either doesn’t have their card with them or can’t show it for some reason, this is no excuse to miss out on a sale. Phone, Internet and even old fashioned mail order can present this problem, and you need a solution to it. Unfortunately, traditional merchant accounts can have an issue directly related to this.

How Long Do These Transactions Take?

When you make a sale, you need your money from the transaction as soon as you can get it. Card not present transactions have traditionally been slow, and used to often have holds on them for the safety of the processing company. With our service, you can get paid in as little as a few days. The process almost couldn’t be any easier for you, because this company is here to serve you!

Does Your Company Qualify?

Of course your company qualifies. Handling higher than average risks and cardless transactions are often slotted into the high risk category for no good reason. Real processing companies will work with any niche of product or service when dealing with card not present transactions because every business should get a fair chance to process payments. This means that your company should be able to process transactions even if you can’t handle the credit card personally. Just because the card isn’t in your hand doesn’t mean you should miss out on a huge number of potential sales.

Will This Work in Multiple Countries?

There are very few countries that will not allow a card not present transaction. In fact, depending on your website and a few laws that you can learn about in more detail depending on your situation, there may be no country on earth where you can’t do a transaction of this nature. Whether you are confined to a particular state and operate on a strictly local basis or you want to make sales everywhere in the world, geography shouldn’t be a limiting factor for your business. When you deal with a reputable card not present processor, it won’t be a problem in 99% of cases.

What are you waiting for? Apply today and see how well you can do by accepting credit cards even when you can’t see them directly using transactions via catalog, online or over the phone.