Domestic Merchant Accounts

The use of domestic merchant accounts is a way to get your account operational in a way that may not work if you use an offshore account. The pricing structure and lower amount of processing time can give your business the flexibility it needs to operate that much more effectively.  Add in greater simplicity, and this kind of account may be just what you need.

High Risk vs Domestic Merchant Account 

Operating a high risk business can have a lot of pitfalls. You can get shut down or ostracized, and some payment processors won’t even touch your account. This can seriously limit your ability to operate because some entities are too afraid to do what you do. But no matter how much risk your business presents, domestic merchant accounts can still be for you. You can get the benefits of having a domestic account but with the flexibility you need to operate a higher risk online business. Paytrend Merchant Solutions offers both kinds of accounts, and can help you figure out which option will be better for your business.

Settling Matters

Domestic merchant accounts settle the funds transfers between your customers and your bank located in the US. This makes the process simple, allows you to get your account funded in short order and keeps your price to do all of this reasonable. In a lot of cases, you can get your funds transferred properly and reconciled within a 24 hour period. This is way better than offshore merchant accounts, as they can take up to a week to deliver the funds to your account. When you want the money you’ve earned to be working for you right away, you want an account that will settle the matters as soon as possible.

Call the Pros

For almost anything you want to do in life, there are professionals who handle the kind of situation you’re in every day. In this case, get in touch with Paytrend Merchant Solutions to learn all about what your options are. You can tell for certain whether your individual needs require you to get a domestic account or an offshore account. In some cases, you may need an offshore account, but a lot of even high risk merchants can get you in touch with a domestic banking solution.

Not all of the best high risk merchant accounts have to be located offshore. Find the best account today!