What are high risk merchant accounts?

There are some frequently asked questions when it comes to high risk merchant accounts and we have the answers for you. They are payment processing accounts that work the same way that traditional merchant accounts do. They, however, service businesses that are not traditional or fall into more challenging business segments. This can often mean more chargebacks and customer service issues. As a result of the more challenging operations, high risk merchant accounts require higher operational costs. You may be surprised just how reasonable they are and will allow you to operate and thrive within markets that previously were not accessible. Paytrend Merchant Solutions is able to open doors for business owners in these categories better than almost any other provider.

How long will it take to establish and begin processing with a high risk account?

This is a surprisingly easy process. We have an expert team ready to organize your application for the best response. With your fast access to the required documents, we can get you running as quickly as a few days.

Are there reserve account requirements?

This depends on the situation. Paytrend Merchant Solutions is proud to have such a strong partnership with high risk providers. With your good credit and/or payment and operation history, we have many times been able to get high risk merchant accounts with no reserves. Even in the cases where there is a hold back requirement we fight to make sure it is as low as possible to help you thrive in your business.

Can you assist start up businesses?

Absolutely. We help new businesses all the time. Whether it is a new venture or you just opened a new corporation for expansion, our expert team is ready and able to get you started right away.

If our company has been on the MATCH or watch lists, can we still be approved?

This can be a challenge for many high risk consulting companies, but Paytrend Merchant Solutions knows this industry better than anyone else. We have absolutely helped business owners navigate challenging warning indications and successfully set up effective alternative accounts to keep them operating without a pause.