High Risk Merchant Accounts

You are considered to be a high risk merchant if your company is at high risk for chargebacks, returns, fraud, customer turnover, and similar costly issues. This will result in many merchant services companies raising your rates to exorbitant levels, offering poor service, or even refusing to work with your company. Merchant account providers hold these generalized perceptions, and it is usually due to a lack of understanding of how your industry and business model work. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about these types of merchant services organizations.

Our specialized, highly-experienced high risk merchant services team at Paytrend Merchant Solutions wants to work with high risk merchant accounts like yours. We firmly believe that everyone, from brick and mortar retail stores to exclusively e-commerce businesses, should have a real opportunity to maximize their company’s earning potential. Without a full-service merchant account, this is simply not possible.

We want to ensure that your company maximizes its ability to generate profit.  A high risk merchant account is your solution.

We work with all types of businesses

We will not pass quick judgment toward your company. Instead, we will welcome your company with open arms, even if you have:

    • Bad credit
    • Bankruptcy
    • TMF history
    • An unconventional business model
    • A business in a “high risk” industry
    • un-Banked merchants
    • offshore merchants/ International merchants

We offer a wide array of services for our

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Although all businesses need merchant accounts to fully thrive, the type of merchant services a company needs can vary dramatically. To ensure sure that you get all of the account services you need, we offer several simplified high risk merchant account solutions that enable you to get the most out of your merchant account.

Allow us to simplify the payment process so that you can get back to business

Once you have closed a deal with a customer and are nearing a financial transaction, you shouldn’t have to worry about any sudden hassles. When you let our team at Paytrend Merchant Solutions execute these operations for you, this will never be a problem. We’ll streamline the transaction process so you can focus on doing what you do best.  Simply put Paytrend Merchant Solutions
can provide you with the high risk merchant account solution you need to keep your business growing.