Online Credit Card Processing

Irrespective of your business, if you are looking for solutions for online credit card processing, look no further. Paytrend Merchant Solutions, with a reliable and effective network of high security gateways ensures you effortless and error free credit card processing. Irrespective of the card – a Visa or a MasterCard, Discover or American Express or indeed a Debit Card of any Bank, we have the right platforms and ready solutions for your business needs. Our services also include processing of Gif Cards as well as EBT Transactions.

Paytrend’s highly competitive team works systematically to provide you with quick and affordable online credit card processing options. Our platforms and systems offer the best in technology and security features, adding to quick, secure and reliable solution promise.

The company enjoys a strong reputation for timely and accurate processing with a serviceable attitude. The fool proof system and constant checks ensure 100% uptime along with state of the art encryption services. The protection of your customer’s data is of paramount importance and as such our technical team ensures that when it comes to security, no stone is left unturned.

Our customers can choose from a variety of services, customizable to your business’ unique needs. Irrespective of the kind of card you wish to process or currency, we can provide you with all of it. We work with over 130 currencies and all major banks – for both credit and debit cards. We also provide High Risk Merchant Accounting Services to our clients at competitive rates. Our online credit card processing with emphasis to high risk accounting services as well as a wide scope of merchant banking solutions makes us a one stop shop for all your financial woes. With Paytrend Merchant Solutions you can be sure that your transactions would be processed in time, with utmost cogency and focus on security and reliability. Intent on promoting the development of the online platform, we even sponsor and support trade organizations that are merchant oriented. Our focus is not merely providing you with a service but rather a sustained solution for your business needs today and tomorrow.

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