Why Can’t I Find a Recurring Payment Merchant Account?

Rebilling, or recurring payments is an industry that is frequently looked down on by most payment processors and banks. Today, the primary goal of most banks is to to minimize risk and this is often done by only accepting and working with low risk retail businesses. Merchants that operate in a vertical whose sales model involves rebilling can attest to the difficulties they have faced with getting approved, processing payments and keeping their accounts active. Some banks have recognized the difficulties facing these higher risk companies and decided to fill that niche. These banks process rebilling payments as their specific area of focus and offer specifically tailored rebilling merchant accounts. They know the risk level involved in rebilling merchant accounts and have the tolerance and capacity to allow their merchants to rebill their customers. Nearly every industry can be accepted if they meet some very basic qualifications.

Get the Recurring Payment Merchant Account Solutions You Need

Paytrend Merchant Solutions has been operating rebilling “recurring merchant accounts” for years and we work with a vast banking network that includes both domestic and international banking centers. We can providing processing services at competitive rates and fees. Rebilling merchants will be amazed at the ease and convenience of our payment gateway as it integrates seamlessly with their shopping cart and website to make for painless transaction processing. For almost anything you want to do in life, there are professionals who handle the kind of situation you’re in every day. In this case, get in touch with Paytrend to learn all about what your options are.